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About Us

Being the sons of a Nebraska Cornhusker from a family of corn farmers, corn-based products were a staple of our diet growing up. Our parents passed down a lot of good values, but one important one was that stovetop popcorn was far superior to microwave popcorn.

 During the pandemic our family spent plenty of time and game nights together. While standing over the stove constantly cranking and stirring or shaking to keep the kernels from burning, ruining our wives' pots, or burning batches of popcorn, our idea of a better hands-off device was born. We wanted to make the popcorn the best way, with a more hands-off advantage that microwaves and popcorn machines give.
After working with an engineer and many iterations, our idea came to life. With the inspiration of our dad Andy (Grandy to the grandkids) and the grandest way to cook popcorn. The GrandPopper was born!

Through tweaking many prototypes, we found a material that does not hold heat and a design that funnels the uncooked kernels to the bottom while the popped kernels rise above, preventing burning. There is no need to stand, crank, shake, or stir; just listen for it to stop popping. However, if you have excited and impatient little snackers like we do, the kids can enjoy watching the kernels pop through the glass lid in anticipation. We believe that the stainless steel handles and knob give our product a pristine look that will have your friends and family asking where they can get their own.
We have several more products planned and can't wait to share them with you. We hope you love The GrandPopper and will join us in our journey in making and enjoying the best stovetop popcorn.