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Our new GrandPopper stovetop popcorn popper makes it easier than ever to have the best popcorn right at home. Crafted with functionality in mind, this no shaking or stirring popper allows you to get everything ready for movie night rather than stand by the stove.


About us

Brothers Scott and Ben grew up in Arkansas and have both relocated to Texas (Houston and Dallas) for work. They both share a love of stovetop popcorn that comes from their dad, and wanted to create a product that would be simple and bring the family together. We hope you enjoy The GrandPopper, a better way to make your favorite stovetop snack.


I usually make my popcorn on the stove, but I have to shake it like crazy so it won't burn. It was really weird to just leave it alone, but it worked perfectly. Nothing unpopped kernels (which was crazy)

Brent D.

This makes the best popcorn EVER!!!

Royce C. (7 years old)

I used the GrandPopper twice today. My kids love to watch it pop and its a great snack!

Bryan G.